Make some extra money using the Cricut Machine

Did you know that not only can you save money by buying cheap Cricut Cartridges through eBay but you can also make money using your Cricut personal cutter machine?

Using your imagination you can create some money making projects that you can sell on eBay, craft shows, school events or just by word of mouth.

Here are four Cricut projects that you can make extra money with to give you some ideas:

    • Custom Invitations and Cards:If your the kind of person that loves to make custom Cricut greeting cards or invitations to save money on expensive store bought cards then why not make it into a home business? Selling custom invitations can be very lucrative with many people wanting to purchase handmade birthday cards, invitations and more.

Custom Cricut Card Business

    • Personal Children Art:Personal Children Art is a huge business for scrapbookers. Not only is it one of the simplest Cricut projects to create but also sells great! You can create a plaque to showcase your art or use the traditional mat and frame. You can increase your earnings by making the art functional. For instance, by adding knobs you can make your personal child plaque into a coat hanger.

cricut childrens art

    • Baby Shower Diaper Cakes:What is a diaper cake? Simply it is a popular baby shower gift or centerpiece where rolled up diapers are arranged in a way to create a tiered cake. This popular gift goes over great at any shower but most people either don't have the time to make them or simply don't know how. One of the cheapest ways to embellish the cake is to use the Cricut personal cutting machine. This type of business does great simply by word of mouth and before you know it your Cricut business will be soaring.

cricut diaper cake

    • Scrapbooking Themes:Similar to custom Invitations and cards, there is a large market for scrapbooking themes. If you adore scrapbooking and receive high praise for the themes you've created then why not make it into a paying gig. Using the Cricut personal cutting machine you can significantly reduce your operating costs and time to produce these themes, resulting in a better bottom line.

Cricut themes

    • These are just a few ways that you can turn your passion of crafting into a small home based business. Think of the things you like to do with your Cricut machine and try to imagine a market for it. Before you know it the hobby you love so much may just be the job you've been dreaming of!

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